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Doctoral Portfolio

Contract Pieces:

The Busking Bassoonist (Fall 2013)          pdf        

     for bassoon and piano, ca. 19 min.

     consortium commission by 12 bassoonists, lead by by Scott Pool

     published by TrevCo Music Publishing

Sundog (Spring 2014)                              pdf

     for flute, clarinet, and piano, ca. 9 min.

     commissioned by Parhelion Trio


Role Play (Spring 2014)                            pdf

     for string quartet, ca. 6 min.

     written for Judith Lochhead Eduardo Leandro's seminar, "Perspectives Since 1945"

Keeping Faythe (Fall 2014)                       pdf

     for harpsichord, ca. 5 min.

     commissioned by SBU Alumni Faythe Vollrath

36 Views of Mount Fuji (Spr-Fall 2015)   pdf

     for piano solo and projection, on the carvings by Hokusai, ca. 22 min.

     commissioned by Natsuki Fukasawa

L'histoire du Soleil (Spring 2016)             pdf

     for singing narrator and 7 players, ca. 35 min.

     story written by Valentine Biollay, in English, French or German

     ensemble: ob, cl, bsn, fr horn, harp (or mar), vln, vc

     commissioned by the Talis Festival

Other Pieces:

Catch (Fall 2013)

     for violin and piano, ca. 5 min.

     for Chase Spruill

The Windy City (Spring 2014)

     for flute and piano, ca. 10 min.

     commissioned by Beth Goode for NFA in Chicago

Double Reed (Summer 2014)

     for singing bassoonist and accordion, ca. 12 min.

     commissioned by SBU Alumni Gina Cuffari for IDRS in NYC

AlexAna (Spring 2016)

     for alto saxophone and bassoon, ca. 5 min.

     commissioned by SBU Alumni Alex Davis & Ana Garcia (AnAlex)

The Lord's Prayer (Fall 2016)

     for bassoon and electronics, 12 min. projected

     electronics written for Margaret Schedel's "Intro to Computer Music"

Beethoven in Love (Fall 2013-Spring 2017)

     a chamber opera for 4 vocalists and piano, ca. 60 min.

     commissioned by librettist Maxine Fisher

The Busking Bassoonist - Scott Pool, Natsuki Fukasawa
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Sundog - Parhelion Trio
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Role Play - SBU students
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Keeping Faythe - Faythe Vollrath
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36 Views of Mount Fuji - MIDI
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