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Sunny Knable



(b. 1983)


F E A T U R E D   R E V I E W S

“Mr. Knable is a creator of accessible, attractive, well-crafted works [that] explore rapid, rhythmic textures with exciting interchange among the parts.” 

-Frank Daykin, NY Concert Review, June 2022

“What impresses me the most is Knable's keen discretion in striking a balance between two often elusive goals, creating communication that is direct without writing down to the audience.” 

-Todd Gorman, American Record Guide, July/August 2020


"Knable clearly understands the bassoon’s vast possibilities beyond its traditional instrumental setting. His compositional expertise grounds his explorative instrumental creations and answers his own question 'Why does this work have to exist?' Because it is great!"

-Tiina Kiik, The WholeNote, May/June 2020

“The genius of [36 Views of Mount Fuji] is the singularity of subject. Each of the 36 short movements are strung together by a common harmonic language and by the shared trait of Fuji. This shared subject allows for a sense of immense scale and provides a unique perspective from every movement. Natsuki Fukasawa navigated these changing moods and perspectives with ease and commitment. She would enjoy a spritely, whimsical character one moment, only to jolt us back to life with a tempestuous flurry of notes.”

-Colin Roshak, Anchorage Press, November 2019

"This [nice jazzy vibe] continues with 'Glassworks' by pianist/composer Sunny Knable. The exact title reference to Philip Glass is very intentional; this work having been written for a different trio in Glass’s seventy-fifth birthday year. Each of the five one-minute movements reflects a different “state of glass” but, save some minimalist noodlings, sounds not at all like Phil Glass. This is another very light and entertaining work."

-Daniel Coombs, Audiophile Audition, February 2016

“The Magic Fish [is composed] in a witty style with lovely melodic music by composer Sunny Knable…[whose] music is romantic and lilting.”

-Victor Gluck,, October 2015

"Lately, the group Citywater has been keen on embracing the work of Sacramentan and New York-based composer Sunny Knable.  And it was with the premiere of his "Music of the Rails" that this bright sextet offered up its greatest charms on Sunday... it was an impressive work whose music offered up sparks of color and inventiveness."

-Edward Ortiz, Sacramento Bee, November 2010

2 0 2 4    E V E N T S​



Violin Duo Miolina performs Knable's "10 Views of Mount Fuji," based on Hokusai's series of woodblock prints, at the Skyscraper Museum,
10:30 am, New York, NY



The Garden Players premiere Knable's musical for children, "Creature Mountain," with book, lyrics, and additional songs by Betina Hershey,  and additional music by Melinda Faylor, Forest Hills, NY



The Forest Hills Choir to perform Knable's oratorio, "Melody and the Missing Music" for soloists, choir, piano, and puppets on a script by world-celebrated children's author David Ezra Stein
PS 101, Forest Hills, NY



Knable to lead a discussion about the "DIY Musician" during the morning forum resident ensemble to perform Knable's "Tenacity" for flute, clarinet, and piano at the evening concert
University of Kutztown, PA



Recital of recent works by Knable and friends featuring soprano Sara Paar performing "Rejection Junction"
with a premiere of Knable's "Berceuse de Saas-Fee" by bassoonist Scott Pool
Forest Hills, NY

Knable's theatrical pieces for children (Your Turn!, Switch It Off, Magic It Up, and So Far From Home) will be published with TRO Essex Music Group in 2023.


Knable's saxophone quartet, Cobalt Blue(s) (2019), was recorded and released by Cobalt Saxophone Quartet.  Pick up a copy here

Knable's third composition album, "Keys",

featuring harpsichordist Faythe Vollrath, marimbist Matthew Lau, and Sunny Knable on piano, was released on Trouvère Records in 2022. 

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