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​​An opera for young au​dience,​ circa 50 minutes​

By the Brothers Knable, based on a story by the​ Brothers Grimm

Music by Sunny Knable; Libretto by Jim Knable

Commissioned by the Half Moon Theatre in Poughkeepsie, NY

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When the son of a fisherman catches a magic fish who grants wishes, will the family remember what is truly important?  Or will they be swept away by their own greed?  The Brothers Knable present a sophisticated and accessible opera for young audience (and adults) that explores a theme as old as folklore and yet still relevent to our times.  



Otter/Girl, soprano (range E4-A5)

Mother, soprano (range C5-G5)

​Boy, tenor (range C3-G4)

Father, baritone (range A3-F4)

Magic Fish, bass/baritone (range G2-F4)

​Piano score


also available in

-11-player ensemble:

fl, cl, ob, bsn, hn, perc + string quintet

-or orchestra: 2-4,1,2,1, 2,2,1,0, 1 perc, strings


The Magic Fish (2012)

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