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The Green Violin - score and part (instant download)

for violin and piano

circa 6 minutes

pictured in photo: Elizabeth Pitcairn


PROGRAM NOTES by the composer:

"The Green Violin" was written for the incredible performers, the "Red Violinist" Elizabeth Pitcairn and pianist Dr. Barbara Podgurski, to be premiered on St. Patrick's Day weekend.  The title is both a tongue-in-cheek dedication to the famous "Red Violin" for which is was intended and a reference to the green-clover theme.  In terms of musical material, the piece is inspired by the natural acoustical properties of each instrument out of which I fashioned Irish-inspired melodies and dance-rhythms.   The listener will hear in this condensed five-minute work, an opening section inspired by the drone of Irish bagpipe songs, followed by a dancing Irish jig.  If it leaves you wanting to stand up and dance, then I have done my job well as a composer.



The Green Violin - score and part (instant download)

  • 17 pape score in portrait layout

    5 page violin part in portrait layout

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