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Sundog - score and parts (instant download)

for flute, clarinet and piano

circa 9 minutes

pictured in photo: The Parhelion Trio


PROGRAM NOTES by the composer:

"Sundog" is a piece written for my dear friends of the Parhelion Trio.  The title is not only the nickname for the phenomenon known as a 'parhelion', but was also the nickname of a certain unnamed composer in his much younger years.  The coincidence of this personal connection of names made a necessary (if slightly tongue-in-cheek) title and subject for the composition I had promised to write the talented bunch.  In searching for more information on the phenomenon itself, I stumbled on the most poetic account in literature which served in part to inspire the form and fabric of the musical composition:


"Three glorious suns, each one a perfect sun;

Not separated with the racking clouds,
But sever'd in a pale clear-shining sky.
See, see!  They join, embrace, and seem to kiss,
As if they vow'd some league inviolable:
Now are they but one lamp, one light, one sun.
In this the heaven figures some event."

-Shakespeare, Henry VI, part 3



Sundog - score and parts (instant download)

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