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Glassworks - score and parts (instant download)

for flute, clarinet in Bb and piano

circa 6 minutes

pictured in photo: The Parhelion Trio


PROGRAM NOTES by the composer:

"Glassworks" was written for my dear friends of the Parhelion Trio. The first movement was initially composed for the 15 Minutes of Fame competition run through Vox Novus in 2012 -- the challenge being to write a one-minute work for this fixed ensemble. "Glass Half Full" is a cheeky reference to Philip Glass in his then 75th birthday-year, as well as to the light-hearted nature of the music. After it was officially selected and premiered as such, I then set about writing companion movements, each meant to be exactly 1-minute in length, and reflecting difference states of 'glass' in the title and mood. After it was performed at the National Flute Convention in Chicago of 2014, I was equally thrilled to make the acquaintance members of the Verismo Trio, based in Wyoming, who requested that I might make an arrangement for their group with saxophone.



Glassworks - score and parts (instant download)

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