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Double Reed - score and parts (instant download)

for soprano, bassoon and accordion

circa 10 minutes

pictured in photo: bassoonist Gina Cuffari


PROGRAM NOTES from the composer:

"Double Reed", on Charles Wyatt’s poem, “To the World’s Bassoonists”, was written for my friend, the incredible singing bassoonist, Gina Cuffari. When I learned of her unique combination of talents, I knew I had to write a piece showcasing them. Around the same time, I had purchased my first accordion and began teaching myself to play. What do you know, there was a “bassoon” reed on it! There, the double-reed (or is it double-read?) inspiration was born. In searching for a suitable text, I stumbled upon “To the World’s Bassoonists”, a wacky poem by Poet Laureate Charles Wyatt, published in 1973 for the International Double Reed Society (IDRS) Conference. Although he had initially forgotten he wrote it, Charles gave me his blessing, and Double Reed was composed in earnest. Fittingly, the work was premiered at the IDRS Conference in 2014 in New York City.



Double Reed - score and parts (instant download)

  • 17 page score in landscape layout

    7 page soprano/bassoon part in portrait layout

    10 page accordion part in portrait layout

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