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De Profundis (1992) by Frederic Rzewski 


Musical characteristics:
-'melodramatic oratorio' interchanging preludes with 8 sections of text
-pianist recites a text and makes sound effects -- whistling, slapping piano, sighing, etc.
-polystylistic music, drawing from a wide range of influences
-"The music demands a combination of virtuoso technique and a total lack of inhibition
     on stage, thus virtually guaranteeing that no mediocre or conventional performer
     will dare to go near it." - Rzewski
Political Inspiration:
-dedicated to theatre owner Luke Theodore who was doing a project on Oscar Wilde
-filmaker Larry Brose prompted the piece for a political film project 
-politics of sexuality -- based on Oscar Wilde's letter to Lord Alfred Douglas
     inprised for "gross indecency" 1895-1897
Lisa Moore performing, Merkin Hall, NYC, 2008                                   Rzewski professional live recording, Paris 2009
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