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January 4, 2020 - "The Pride of Pripyat" reading

It's a new year and a new decade.  Or are you in the camp that says we start counting at 2021?  I mean no offense to historians, but pop culture agrees with me, it is now the 2020's.   Good, I'm glad we have that settled.   Now we can talk about more important things.

This time of year always induces a time of self-reflection.  I don't know about you, but this year, that mix of Nostalgia and Regret feels especially strong.  My inner voice is looking back at the last 10 years and asking, what did you do with those ten years that just slipped by?  Nostalgia wants to relive my 20's again, but mostly, me, myself and I know that the 30's are treating us just fine, thank you very much.  Regret has a whole list of things I said and did.  I'll try to forgive myself later.  But there is a stronger voice this year, one that sees all the work I did and how far I came, let's call it Pride.

I could make an unnecessary list of accolades, from degrees to awards, but anyone with an interest in my Curriculum Vitae can find that document elsewhere.  Let's just say, I see progress, and I like where I'm heading.  There's one project in which I'm especially prideful.   It is a Chernobyl-themed chamber opera that I wrote with my brother Jim Knable as librettist, entitled, "The Pride of Pripyat".  It was performed by The Perspective Collective at a private residence in NYC to a small crowd of friends and family who had very useful feedback for us.   As we continue to develop the piece for its premiere, I find great comfort in working with such talented people on a piece that I strongly believe in.  We're taking it to Asheville Fringe Festival in two short weeks!