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Cobalt Blue(s) - score and parts (instant download)

for saxophone quartet

circa 5 minutes

pictured in photo: Cobalt Quartet


PROGRAM NOTES by the composer:

"Cobalt Blue(s)" was written for the rip-roaring, virtuosic, Long Island-based saxophone quartet, Cobalt Quartet.  It is organized around the mathematical proportions of the atomic formula for the element Cobalt, and inspired in form and rhythm by the concept of a vibrant (cobalt) version of the blues, the traditional American art form.  Thus, it is is a kind of battle between two approaches of the same idea - bringing the element of cobalt into musical form.  It was premiered with the Long Island Composers Alliance in 2019 at The Church-in-the-Gardens.  I am grateful to the Cobalt Quartet for bringing it to life.

Cobalt Blue(s) - score and parts (instant download)

  • 14 page score in landscape layout

    4 saxophone parts in portrait layout

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