Sunny Knable cloudServer album Verismo Trio
Sunny Knable America Variations album Centaur Records
Sunny Knable David Lincoln Burnam Complete Piano Works
"Song of the Redwood-Tree:
Bassoon Works of Sunny Knable"
Featuring Scott Pool, bassoon and Natsuki Fukasawa, piano
Stefanie Izzo, Gina Cuffari and Xelana Duo, MSR Classics, 2020
If you had asked me 10 years ago what my second composition album would consist of, I would probably give you a lofty answer, like an opera or a symphony.    Though I have written those as well, I didn't know that this decade would define me as the composer of multiple successful pieces for bassoon.  I had written for the often-underused bass instrument in woodwind quintets and large ensembles, but had never fully explored its soloistic capabilities until I had the good fortune of meeting the rollicking performer that is Scott Pool.   What emerged from our friendship was the commissioning of two of my most proud and personal achievements: "Song of the Redwood-Tree" and "The Busking Bassoonist" which have  been performed multiple times by Scott and his long-term collaborator Natsuki Fukasawa.  Since then, I have gone on to write for bassoon in odd combinations including for the singing-bassoonist Gina Cuffari and for the sax/bassoon group, Xelana Duo.  It's safe to say that this is only the beginning of a. long relationship I will have with this instrument.
"cloudServer" by Verismo Trio

Available on ACA Digital Recording, 2015.

Trio #1 by Russ Peterson

Glassworks by Sunny Knable

In Memoriam: Toru Takemitsu by Marilyn Shrude

Trio by Dave Deason

Spiritual Mountain by Ivan Bozicevic  

Torschlusspanik by Jason Barabba

cloudServer by Jason Emerson

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"American Variations" by Sunny Knable
Featuring Richard Cionco, Centaur Records 2012
The music which comprises this recording is a portion of my compositional output from the last 5 years.  Listening to this album, I can hear my own voice change, from that of a recent home-town college graduate to a musician who is struggling to find his place in the “real world” of New York City.  Even within one composition, American Variations, which was commissioned by pianist Richard Cionco, I can hear a composer who is experimenting, and slowly letting an increased level of dissonance into his sound world.  This title work has many influences, and is meant to represent the plethora of definitions that we find in being American.  That is, whether you are a farmer in South Dakota, or a business on Wall street, you are part of a Nation that is defined by its ideals as much as its borders.

As a whole, I hear this album as having one voice, despite its many influences.  I can only hope that you, the listener, might find meaning and enjoyment in part, if not all of it.  No matter what “song” you like best, consider Walt Whitman’s words from Leaves of Grass:


​“I hear America singing, the varied carols I hear
Singing with open arms, the strong melodious songs.”
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"David Lincoln Burnam: Complete Piano Works" 

Featuring Sunny Knable, piano

Future Recordings, 2006


After David Lincoln Burnam's death in 1954, his music was stored away until the composer's family rescued the handwritten manuscripts, engaging pianist/composer Sunny Knable to perform and record the complete piano music.  At times, the music is reminiscent of the early 20th-Century American school to which composers such as Joplin, Gershwin and Copland belong.  Mr. Burnam was survived by his wife, the famous "Dozen a Day" composer Edna Mae Burnam who made sure this music was heard and recorded before her death in 2007.  


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